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Joe Resendes

The Sculptor

Joe is a self-taught sculptor who creates for the sheer joy of creating. He began carving baskets out of peach pits at the young age of seven. He later began carving faces on peach pits when he one day realized that he saw a place for two eyes, a nose and a mouth. He took out his trusty pocket knife and began carving a face. This helped solidify a lifelong passion for creating. "I create because it's a passion - a compulsion. I have little interest in selling my work, but rather enjoy and love sharing my work with others in the hopes that I will take them away, for a moment. If I have taken someone away for a moment, I have succeeded." When Joe begins carving a piece, he has no expectation as to what will come out. Whatever comes, comes. "I am in it for an unbelievable trip of the unexpected. And what a trip it is." To date, Joe has carved faces on nearly 2800 peach pits!


Joe has carved faces on bushels of peach pits. In addition, he has carved on a sundry of materials including plastic, stone, wood (tree branches and drift wood), and molded innumerable pieces of clay. He even works with bending wire, giving many of his carved faces bodies. Each one of Joe's pieces is unique and unlike the other, exhibiting many different forms of expression. Expression is the main theme in Joe's work. His expressive figures mirror that of humanity, exhibiting the every day trials and tribulations of the common man.


In late 2011, Joe teamed up with photographer Diane DeMelo to photograph his personal collection of original sculpture, encompassing nearly 40 years of work. Most recently, Joe's peach pit sculptures were featured on the February 18, 2014 segment ot the Chronicle's "Who Knew" episode. Both have exhibited their joint work at local art galleries. 


Aside from his art, Joe's first love is music and he learned to play the guitar at a young age, when he was old enough to hold an instrument. Joe has composed a multitude of original songs and enjoys playing his guitar during the winter months, when he has some down time. He plays both the 6 and 12 string guitar but prefers the 12 string. Joe is known to blast his stereo with some heavy rock music when he's carving a piece, "it gets me in the mood," he says. When he isn't busy creating wild and woolly pieces of art, Joe devotes his time working for himself as a landscaper and handyman. Joe approaches his work with the same zeal and determination that he approaches his art - with great imagination and vision. "The impossible becomes possible if you put your mind to it!", he exclaims. Sedneser is Joe's last name spelled backwards.


Joe is a Guinness World Records holder! He holds the record for "The Largest Collection of Peach Pits". He achieved his record on June 27, 2015 when 5,447 carved and natural peach pits were counted. Joe continues to carve peach pits in his spare time.







































2015      Sedneser Seeds, September - December 2015, JWU Library Art Space, Providence, RI

2014     The Sculpture and Photographs of Sedneser Seeds, Sept. 6 - Oct. 18, Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, MA 

2014     Sedneser Seeds: Original Art by Sculptor Joe Resendes, Trescott Street Gallery, Taunton, MA

2004     Sedneser's Seeds: Joe Resendes, Wallace L. Anderson Gallery, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA



Taunton Art Association, Taunton, MA 
Trescott Street Gallery, Taunton, MA




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